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Baker Mayfield Visits Tennessee; Titans Coach Mike Vrabel Comments On Ryan Tannehill’s Future

Written by Chris Powers

The past few weeks has been an absolute madness when it comes to quarterback drama in the NFL.

First and foremost, the Washington Commanders make a trade with the Indianapolis Colts that sends Carson Wentz to DC.

After years of expressing his displeasure with Green Bay’s front brass, Aaron Rodgers signs a massive contract that will keep him with the Packers for the next four years.

Shortly thereafter, Tom Brady announced that he is now coming out of retirement and will now aim for an 8th Super Bowl in his final contract year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Just hours after Brady’s news, in one of the biggest blockbuster trades in NFL history, Russell Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos.

A week later, DeShaun Watson becomes a free man as it is announced that all criminal charges against him are dropped. For the past week, he was in talks with many teams but ultimately ended up signing with the Cleveland Browns.

Then just yesterday, it was announced that long time Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was traded to the Indianapolis Colts.

Backing up just a bit, now that DeShaun Watson is in Cleveland, what does this mean for Baker Mayfield? Analysts expect to see Baker now either sign with Carolina or Atlanta. Baker seemingly was out blowing off steam in Nashville, TN last weekend with fellow teammate Wyatt Teller as seen in the picture below.

In other NFL news, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel had the following to say about Ryan Tannehill:

“I think what that entails is that everybody has an expectation,” Vrabel said of being stronger around Tannehill. “There’s an expectation for the linemen to protect inside out, not get beat inside. Making sure that we’re firm in the middle of the pocket and that we run the edge rushers by. Every offensive lineman, we try to teach them their responsibility for ball security. And when we’re running routes, (making sure) they’re running the right routes. And when we catch the ball, we catch it with the technique in which we teach it, which is out in front of our body with our hands.

Yeah, we threw (14) interceptions. But there was a quarterback mistake, there was a protection mistake, we bounced (balls) off our shoulder pads. That all goes into offensive football. That has to be better. It starts with me, it starts with our coaching staff and also it falls on our players to understand why things happen.”


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