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Baker Mayfield Villian or Hero?

Baker came to the Browns as the promised savior and he showed flashes of that under Coach Stefanski. But, once things in his second year under Stefanski turned against the young signal caller things went into a tailspin in The Land.

First, Mayfield got hurt and made the selfish decision to play through his very painful injury in hopes of getting the big money deal.

Second, OBJ wanted out so that took away one of the Browns QB’s favorite weapons.

Third, those ridiculous Progressive ads where he lived in the stadium.

Fourth, the fan base started turning against the young man which couldn’t have been easy especially one season removed after a playoff run and coming a few plays from beating the Chiefs.

Fifth, the Cleveland franchise acquired Deshaun Watson which made the young man from Texas very expendable.

Sixth, and most importantly Mr. Mayfield went onto the You Never Know podcast and made one of the worst comments I’ve heard from an NFL player in his situation which is unique to say the least. Mr. Mayfield made the comment “I’d love to go and boo someone at there cubicle.” Baker if you wanna follow me around on my pool route and boo me go ahead it’s hot here in Arizona so I don’t recommend it.

In conclusion I believe Baker Mayfield has made himself the Villian through his own comments and actions.

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