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Baker Mayfield To Be Traded; Watson To Be Suspended By League! Browns Falling Apart?

Baker Mayfield has been the subject of our blogs for the last couple of months as Cleveland Browns and NFL fans wait to see where the quarterback will end up after all of the drama in Cleveland.

We’ve heard all of the rumors:

Now what is true? We don’t fully know yet. There is a chance that Baker is traded soon. I don’t see why a team wouldn’t take a chance on him, I think he has a high upside. And with everyone talking bad about him? That might add a chip on his shoulder.

The Browns seem to always have some sort of drama involved in the QB room, I mean hell, I still think about Johnny Manziel sometimes.

Because in reality this team cannot find a quarterback for the life of them. I swear to God. I thought Baker had a chance to win with Cleveland. Although last year was rough.

Now they have Deshaun Watson and everyone is waiting to hear what the NFL is going to do with him but other people are saying that he is going to be suspended for the season.

If he is suspended for the season, do they keep Baker? If you are Baker would you even play or just say screw them? I feel like in Bakers eyes he’d play. He’d want to prove everyone wrong and maybe help is trade value.

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