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Baker Mayfield takes shot at Browns

Written by Tony Ghaul

Carolina Panthers QB Baker Mayfield was asked about his “old place” in a recent interview, per Bally Sports. However, Mayfield assumed the reporter meant Oklahoma and proceeded to fire a shot towards the Cleveland Browns.

“What old place? Oklahoma? Yeah, they are 6-5,” Mayfield said. The reporter then said, “Cleveland.” “That’s not my old place,” Mayfield replied. “I used to play there… but Oklahoma, they are 6-5. It’s been a rough year, some ups and downs, they are handling adversity. They won the rivalry game last week, so proud of that.”

Mayfield was traded from the Browns to the Panthers ahead of the 2022. He was not happy with the Browns decision to move on from him.

Mayfield has dealt with injury trouble and underperformance in Carolina this year.

Baker Mayfield. Photo courtsey of USA Today Sports

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