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Baker Mayfield Sidelined For The Rest Of The Season Due To COVID-19 Complications? Cleveland Browns Playoff Chances Appear Dismal

Written by Chris Powers

Baker Mayfield as we all know has contracted COVID-19, and there is a good chance he will not be playing in tonight’s Monday night game against the Las Vegas Raiders. The question is, how bad has COVID been for Mayfield? The Browns quarterback had the following to say on the matter:

“blessed to be healthy and have no symptoms,” and that he is “praying to test negative for COVID.”

As of right now, it appears that Mayfield should not miss any games with the exception of tonight’s game against the Raiders. The chances of him missing out on the remainder of the season appears to be slim to none. He has been very fortunate to have no real complications with the illness.

With that said, the Browns have historically been a dogshit team. That means their chances of making the playoffs are unlikely. With the Bengals and Steelers with wins yesterday, a Browns loss tonight could spell big trouble for them winning the division. The chances of an AFC North team making the playoffs outside of the division winner are slim given how competitive the AFC playoff picture already is.

In celebration of the Browns losing tonight, let’s watch the video below showing a compilation of why the Cleveland Browns suck.

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