Baker Mayfield has good reason to be upset with the Cleveland Browns. After taking an organization that was historically a loser, Mayfield helped turn the team around into a playoff contender and legitimate threat in the AFC. While the Browns did come up short at the end this last season, a Mayfield led Browns can still be a dangerous team.

Unfortunately for Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns executive management do not feel the same as they ended up signing DeShaun Watson. Because of this, Mayfield will likely have a new hone in the coming months.

Back in early January, Mayfield actually lashed out at local Cleveland Browns media member Mary Kay Cabot for allegedly taking something he said out of context. Cabot also listed names of individuals who could potentially replace Mayfield at the quarterback position including DeShaun Watson, Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers and a couple of others.

Mayfield did not take kindly to this and called it “clickbait.” Clearly it was not clickbait as Watson did in fact end up taking Mayfield’s spot.


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