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Baker Mayfield Heading To Washington Commanders; Mayfield or Carson Wentz to Be Starter?

Written by Chris Powers

There has absolutely never been an NFL off-season like there has been in 2022.

The Cleveland Browns has been at the center of the drama. Signing DeShaun Watson as the new starting quarterback for the organization definitely made waves across the NFL. Since the Browns did in fact sign Watson, many have been left wondering, what is next for Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield has been the starting quarterback for the past several years in Cleveland. He has made it clear that his relationship with the Browns has soured and he feels as if he was disrespected by the organization.

If by some chance Mayfield does remain with the Cleveland Browns, he will likely be the backup quarterback to DeShaun Watson. Rumors originally circulated back in March that Mayfield was interested in playing for the Indianapolis Colts after learning that Carson Wentz was traded to the Washington Commanders.

Unfortunately for Mayfield, the position in Indianapolis was filled with former longtime Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan.

If Mayfield does in fact remain with Cleveland, he will square off against Wentz when he and the Browns travel to Washington DC to play the Commanders at some point during the 2022 season. The assumption is that Wentz will be the starting quarterback for the Commanders when that time comes.

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