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Baker Mayfield Headed To Houston Texans; Davis Mills To Be Traded?

Has there ever been a more drama fueled NFL off-season before? Just recently, the wide receiver drama has ramped up on the NFL.

Out of all of the teams in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns has been at the center of the drama.

When Cleveland signed DeShaun Watson as the new starting quarterback for the organization, it became the most talked about news item of the off-season, which is impressive due to the fact that during this same offseason Tom Brady not only retired but then also came out of retirement.

Since the Browns did in fact sign Watson, many have been left wondering, what is next for Baker Mayfield. A trade or release from the Browns is certainly imminent, but most recently he was seen in Norman, OK where he was honored by his alma mater Oklahoma University with a statue of him.

If by some chance Mayfield stays with the Browns as a backup to Watson, we will say Mayfield travel to Houston to play the Texans later this year. As far as we know, the Texans will be starting Davis Mills as their quarterback since DeShaun Watson left for Cleveland. Many Texans fans have high hopes for Mills and do not anticipate him being traded any time soon.

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