Baker Mayfield Had Burner Snapchat to Meet Women to Blow Him Behind Cheesecake Factory After Getting Married; Multiple Woman Confirm Story | @bakermayfield @kaciejdingess

Written by schultzyca

We’ve been tracking this story story since it came out yesterday, lets just say things have taken an odd turn, reportedly Baker Mayfield had a ‘burner’ snapchat, where he used it to specifically cheat on his wife. We’ve all heard of burner accounts on Twitter, but now burner snapchats? The game is changed forever.

The story is that allegedly Baker made these woman drive an hour to meet him behind a Cheesecake Factory, nice free publicity Baker is giving them if you ask me.

The claims by Kacie seem WAY too specific to be made up, and this situation is just very odd. While Kacie was being interviewed on RoverRadio another lady called in and shared a similar story:

First of all don’t cheat on your wife, but why wouldn’t you bring this girl to a hotel?

Only can imagine the field day Colin Cowherd may have with this story, it will be very interesting to see how Baker’s PR team handles this whole thing, right I think they might have already with some of Kacie’s tweets being deleted. Can’t wait too see how this story will unfold.

Here is the original story:

This Girl On Twitter Is Claiming To Have Blown Baker Mayfield – Caused Problems With Bakers Wife – Now He Blocked Her and She Has Videos and Pics To Prove It All! Or… Is She Clout Chasing and Full Of Lies? @kaciejdingess @bakermayfield

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