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Baker Mayfield gets annoyed with Reporter’s question

Written by Tony Ghaul

Baker Mayfield has really struggled in his first season with the Carolina Panthers. The former Browns quarterback has had an especially hard time with avoiding batted balls at the line.

During a press conference on Wednesday, a reporter asked Mayfield if he’s been doing anything to fix this issue. Mayfield was very annoyed by this question. He responded with, “If you have a drill for me, let me know.”

When Mayfield was traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Carolina Panthers this past offseason, there was hope a change of scenery would benefit him and revitalize his career. This hasn’t come to fruition, as Carolina is just 1-3 to start the year with Mayfield playing some of the worst football of his career.

Panthers QB Baker Mayfield. Photo courtsey of Chanelle Smith-Walker/Carolina Panthers

Mayfield is clearly frustrated with his poor performance and the team’s slow start. The fifth-year veteran has a career-low in completion rate of 54.7%, while throwing nearly as many interceptions (3) as touchdowns (4).

Mayfield and the Panthers have a tough matchup this week against the San Francisco 49ers and their ferocious defense.

Carolina Panthers QB Baker Mayfield annoyed with a reporter’s question. Photo courtsey of Associated Press

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