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Bad Bunny, With The WWE 24/7 Title, Performs On Saturday Night Live

Bad Bunny has been making noise on WWE programming since last month at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

He performed his patented Booker T song live in the ThunderDome. He took a dive off the top rope to the outside of the ring. He has been mixing it up with The Miz and Morrison, both verbally and physically. He introduced the RAW viewing audience to Damian Priest, an absolute beast from NXT. He has been spotted training at the WWE Performance Center and yes, he is sure to be wrestling in an actual match at WrestleMania 37 in Tampa Bay, Florida come April, You can be sure of that.

All the while, Bad Bunny has also “won” the WWE 24/7 Championship! For those that do not follow the company, that is the kinda, sorta joke title. Anybody can win it at any time, hence the 24/7 label. if you pin the champion ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME, you are the new champion! Well, with an opponent already knocked out and laying in front of him backstage at RAW last week, Bad Bunny randomly covered him for the one, two, three. Just like that, backstage, new champion. Again, it is played up for laughs and giggles. It doesn’t matter to Bad Bunny though – he is loving life right now and is the current 247 Champion!

That hasn’t got in the way of a Saturday Night Live performance. Nope, not Bad Bunny. He is taking over the world as we speak one appearance at a time…

There’s Bad Bunny on SNL with the 24/7 Title by his side. Pretty darn cool.

Now don’t get me twisted. I’ve said it before and will again. I didn’t even know who Bad Bunny was before the Royal Rumble. I also do NOT watch Saturday Night Live in 2021, much less 2020 or 2010. I haven’t watched the show in well over a decade. That being said, I do watch WWE, and I do care about the approaching WrestleMania event. If that means more Bad Bunny and more mainstream media showings for the company, all the better! Keep rockin’ it man. Keep doing your thing.

WWE, Peacock, and SNL are all under the same umbrella. Smart marketing.

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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