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Ayesha Raymond And Toni Shivers Brought Into Fierce Females Management

Ayesha Raymond sent over word yesterday that she and Toni Shivers will be joining Veda Rose to run Scotland’s Fierce Females women’s wrestling group. This move comes after co-owner Mikey Whiplash resigned from the group a few days ago over abuse and harassment accusations that he admitted to.

Raymond is from England and she became the first U.K. wrestler to be part of Japan’s SEAdLINNNG in 2018 under the name Amazon. She tells me she was supposed to go back to Japan earlier this year but then the virus pandemic hit and cancelled those plans. She is a former Artist of STARDOM Champion (as Female Predator Amazon) with Alpha Female and Kyoko Kimura. She appeared in the Mae Young Classic in 2017 vs. Toni Storm. She’s a been a regular in Fierce Females and has worked for Pro-Wrestling EVE.

I spoke with Shivers this morning. She told me that she’s still training at Source Wrestling in Glasgow and was helping on shows by working security as a student before the pandemic.

The last Fierce Female’s event before the virus struck was on 3/8/20 at their usual home base of The Shed in Glasgow. Gisele Shaw is the FF Champion and Debbie Keitel is the FF Internet Champion.

Update: Sammie Jo has also been added to the management team as of this morning. She trained at Source Wrestling and has been wrestling in Fierce Females.

The group has a streaming service here

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