Awesome Game Ideas You Should Try For Your Next Postgame Party

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After all the team’s hard work and whatever the game’s outcome may be, everybody needs a reprieve from the stresses brought about by adrenaline and the team push to snatch that trophy. Everyone needs to relax and have fun. Even the fans and the viewers need to breathe and release all that excitement and maybe frustrations in knowing their football or basketball team’s aftermath.

A postgame party is what everyone needs to unwind and loosen up. But how? Let’s pitch you some great game ideas for your postgame rave. 

Simple Yet Fun Games for Your Postgame Party

Who likes a party without a friendly competition and some shots to get the loser wasted? Everybody loves a party, but not all parties are alike. And you have to suit your postgame party to the personalities that would want to attend such an event. Here are some great ideas on how to rock that postgame party.

Guess It on A Post It

This is usually a game played on large occasions where everybody needs to get acquainted. Though postgame parties are generally made up of groups of people who know each other, this game can be an ice breaker for everyone, especially when the game’s aftermath is less to be desired. Everyone who enters the door needs to be given a secret identity posted on their backs without knowing who it is. Of course, you don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know your secret identity and the only way to get that information is to ask anyone you know or don’t to explain to you who you are. This will encourage every attendee to mingle and forget whatever happened in the game.

The Beer Bong

If everybody has all been hyped up, it’s probably high time to get the party pumping. Everyone is familiar with the beer pong, but you can get it heightened by using a funnel-like instrument. The beer bong funnel is just what you need to challenge the people at your party that are brave  enough to douse on several liters of beer without taking even a single breath. This is how you can create a great party atmosphere and start the rave. But of course, give a limit to the amount each participant is allowed to take since you also have to keep them from rampaging and creating a commotion that could just cut the party when it’s just starting to be fun.

Set Up an Air Hockey Table Combo

You can get everyone excited and be in their game cheering mode again with a friendly tournament of air hockey table combo games. There are a variety of thrilling and heart-palpitating games in an air hockey table. There’s table tennis, slide hockey, billiards, foosball, finger shoot basketball, ping pong, and many more. Everyone can take their turns in playing their fav game. You don’t even need to moderate the game. Just set the air hockey table, and you’re good to go. They are doing it themselves.

Set Up A Bull Riding Ring

If you have the area, you can rent a mechanical bull that can take every participant to Rodeo drive. Just like your air hockey table combos, you wouldn’t need to organise this. Just set it up, ensure the safety of the equipment, the area, and everyone, and your game is all set. You can even have a small bet on who stays on the bull longer.

Sports Charades

This is an all-time favourite and would work best if you have only a handful of people in the room. When it’s an exclusive team party or an event for a group of friends, this will be the right game for all of you. Of course, to be in keeping with the theme, the questions or keywords for guessing should be related to college football playoffs updates and its teams, if all of you are an AFC fan or the team is playing the same game. You will also have to impose penalties on members and even the team that’s breaking the rules. There would always be someone who can’t keep their mouth shut and just blurt out the answer out of frustration. Now, that’s something that everyone would want to see.

Sports Trivia

Sports trivia is another game that is mostly played in parties that have a small number of attendees. But you can still hold the game even if you have a large crowd, maybe up to 30 people. Instead of grouping them into threes, you can ask everyone to create groups of five. That way, you can have six groups, and everyone can join in. To make the game more exciting, you can have the winner dart a number with the corresponding sports giveaways they can take home. That will surely let them crank all the gears in their minds to answer those tricky questions. 

Pin the Football on The Goal

This simple yet exciting game can be used for postgame parties of adults and kids alike. The premise of this game is to let the participant pin the felt footballs within the goal post. But not everyone is so gifted to do it when you have spun 20 times, and your mind and the whole room is just a starry night. To make this exciting for adults, every participant has to chug a pint of beer and try their luck to win the game.

Wacky Knockout

Adults and kids alike can play this classic basketball game where each player tries to “knockout” the next in line by shooting a basket before the other player can get it in. However, there’s a twist. At every successful basket, the winning player will wear oversized sports shirts, pants, helmet, and everything at every successful basket. When it’s down to two players, they would be dressed silly with all the paraphernalia attached to their bodies. This can create a good laugh to all the onlookers and even to the players themselves.

There are other fun games that you can create to make your postgame party the event of the year. You just have to be creative and be a safety-concerned host since someone will always get wasted, and one individual might get out of control.

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