Ava Louise Shares Horrible Sexual Assault Story About Her At A Rutgers Frat House, Tau Kappa Epsilon | @realavalouiise @TKE_Fraternity

Written by Nate

Despite being a known bombshell and influencer, many people have not known about the dark story of Instagram model Ava Louise during a party at Rutgers University.

The 21-year-old has tweeted out to her followers about a story on when she was sexually assaulted at a Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) frat party. However, many of them do not believe her as seen in one of her replies in the screenshot photo.


In the tweet below, Ava describes her story that she was ‘incoherent’ and that a boy pulled her pants down and assaulted her on film. She also believes that particular video was passed around throughout some Greek life social media pages.

Today, it is confirmed that the TKE Fraternity has DMed Ava and requested to share her story with the international fraternity account on Twitter.

In the tweet below, she would end it with the words, ‘end rape culture.’


Hopefully Ava will get the justice that she deserves because when her story gets passed towards law enforcement and TKE headquarters, those members will be punished.

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