Ava Louise

Ava Louise Is Trying To Sleep With Charli and Dixies Dad, Marc D’Amelio! @realavalouiise

Ava Louise continues to shock me. This time she is trying to DM the father of Charlie and Dixie, Marc D’Amelio, to try and get him to sleep with her.

The DM’s that she sent is hilarious:

“Listen I would be a good step mom to Charli bcuz id totally let her vape” I can’t lie – that made me laugh.

Marc D'Amelio (@marc.damelio) • Fotos y videos de Instagram | Famous girls,  Perfect sisters, Dixie

Earlier in the day she was trying to get Bryce Hall to leave Addison Rae.. Now she’s moved onto Marc D’Amelio.

Will either of them reply? Highly doubtful. But you never know Mike Majlak cheated on Lana Rhoades with Ava.

Maybe Marc D’Amelio will cheat on Heidi? Ava is pretty hot. But Heidi D’Amelio is a dime/milf!

What is Marc missing out on?

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