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The “7 Rings” Tour is Well on its Way

Even though it is the pre-season, the New England Patriots on basically have the road paved for them in the regular season to obtain their lucky number seven Super Bowl ring!

Earlier this week, Josh Gordon has been reinstated to play once again (hopefully his doesn’t smoke it all away 🌬🍁🔥). I love this. All Flash has to do is just hang out with Brady and Edelman and they will keep him in check, otherwise it will be another suspension, and NOBODY wants that.

Back to the pre-season game though. The Patriots were successful coming out on top with a 22-17 win again the Tennessee Titans last night. We were falling behind in the third quarter with a score of 15-17, but we managed to make some advancements for the final win.

Next up: The Patriots will be home at Gillette facing off again the Carolina Panthers at 7:30 PM EST.


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