Atlanta: Is it Time to Win One?

Written by Matt

The Atlanta Braves are set to play the Houston Astros in the 2021 World Series. Atlanta, you deserve this. I am calling it now; this is the year we see a title won in Atlanta*.

The Astros are the villains every baseball fan has come to love to hate. This year is no different. With the clips and photos online, we’ve all seen the Astros getting chirped by fans (and players).

Sidebar: real rich to see Red Sox fans trolling when they were caught cheating.

The Atlanta Braves give off a team of destiny vibes. Not only did they lose their best player, Ronald Acuña Jr., early in the season, but one of the best players in baseball period. No one saw this coming back in July when the injury took place. Similar to what we saw when the Nationals won the World Series in 2019. Although, the Braves are playing for their guy, while the Nationals were able to win despite their former $330 million man. In any case, the formula is the same, baseball team minus superstar equals not winning. But here, we are all the same.

This Atlanta Braves storyline draws resemblance to some lame Disney movie you might have heard of but never bothered to watch. A team without its franchise cornerstone goes up against the star-studded favorites but still comes out victorious—very David vs. Goliath.

Both sides dealt with injuries, but the cards were still stacked against the Braves.

Sports are better when there is an underdog we can cheer for together. The only thing that bolsters a better community is when we all have someone to cheer against – i.e., Warriors and Patriots. This brings us to the foes mentioned above – the Houston Astros. The long ball hitting, sign stealing, wheeling, and dealing Houston Astros. The team almost everyone without a 713, 281, or 832 area code, will be jeering.

The thing about all that hate is the Astros do not care. Houston does not care. The Astros care about winning, and they do that very well.

We are all hoping for a grand finale. For the team of destiny to ride off in the sunset victorious once more. But, sadly, this is not a Disney movie, and Astros will need more than a team of corny writers to send them home.

I mentioned early this is the year we see a championship in Atlanta! Sadly, for Atlanta fans, they will be watching the Astros celebrate on their home field. I am predicting a 4-1 gentleman sweep of the Atlanta Braves*.

Sorry, Atlanta, not this year. Hey, at least you still have Trae Young!

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