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Athletes of U.P. High School Gathered to Protest Sports/Cheerleading Cancellations (Escanaba)

In an article by Jack Hall and the Radio Results Network, athletes of Escanaba High School peacefully gathered at the school to protest the cancellations of sports games and practices, while school is closed.

For those who don’t recall the whole story, Escanaba Junior High and High schools were closed to online learning last weeks due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. The move resulted in a 14-day pause in practices, games, and workouts for every sport in the fall season.

The protest was put on by players from the football team (along with a few supporting athletes) in hopes to convince school superintendent Coby Fletcher to reverse the division and ‘let them play.’

As mentioned in Hall’s Instagram post, there were reported cases that occurred from the football team and their families.

Fletcher has since released a press statement to Hall and RRN, calling the pause/closure, ‘unfortunate, but necessary.’

Images Courtesy: Jack Hall/Radio Results Network
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