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Astral Chain Gets Official Box Art, File Size On Nintendo Switch

Written by Robert Workman

We’re just a few weeks away from tearing things up with Platinum Games’ Astral Chain on Nintendo Switch. And today, Nintendo revealed some exciting new details about the upcoming game, including a first look at its official cover art, as well as a glimpse of how much space you’ll need to set aside to download it onto your game system.

A listing of the game on the Nintendo eShop suggests that you’ll need about 9.6 GB of space in order to fit the game on your system. Although that’s not as beefy as other games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, that’s still rather sizable compared to other, smaller titles, so make sure you set aside the proper amount.

In addition, the game will be playable in TV, Handheld and Tabletop mode, and can be played with one or two players.

The official cover art for the game has also been revealed, as you can see below. It features some pretty groovy cover art, in a neat anime style that fans can immediately relate to.

Those that are interested in pre-ordering the game can do so now. What’s more, Nintendo is offering Astral Chain as part of the Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers program. That’s where you can pre-order two games for $99.99, saving $20 off the games as part of the deal. You can purchase Astral Chain as one of the titles, then pick up another hit like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or Super Mario Maker 2 as the other title.

So if you’re a fan of Platinum Games’ titles – and you’ve already beaten Bayonetta 2 like crazy – then get ready for Astral Chain in just a few weeks’ time!

Astral Chain releases on August 30 for Nintendo Switch.

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