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As Gas Prices Soar, Consumers Wonder if They’ll At Least Get the Benefit of a Reacharound.

Can gas prices get any higher? That’s the question embattled drivers are asking as gas prices seem to be going up every day and they start to wonder if they’ll at least get the benefit of a reacharound as they take it hard from oil companies. Trust me, gentle reader, that uncomfortable feeling you get every time you fill up the pump isn’t your imagination, gas prices have gone up substantially since “Creepy” Joe Biden stumbled into office. According to CNBC:

July fourth gasoline prices are expected to be the highest they’ve been for the holiday weekend in seven years, and they are forecast to rise even higher later in the summer.

The national average of $3.126 per gallon Friday is nearly a dollar more than prices were a year ago at this time, according to AAA. Analysts say the price could jump another 20 cents or more per gallon this summer.

This couldn’t come at a worst time as millions of Americans have decided to skip flying the not-so-friendly skies and take a good ole fashioned American road trip. As always, there are the usual array of excuses given as to why gasoline prices continue to soar (many of them now established in the bullshit hall of fame alongside “the check is in the mail”, “I’m just going to put the tip in”, and “that’s just a cold sore”). The Wall Street Journal reports:

Gas prices are rising for a number of reasons, including higher crude-oil prices, growing demand as workers return to the office and resume commutes, and a shortage of truckers in some regions that is causing bottlenecks.

The skyrocketing prices are likely to continue their course towards the stratosphere too. The CNBC article notes:

“We don’t expect to see demand trail off like we’ve seen typically,” said John Kilduff, partner with Again Capital. “The pandemic has changed the demand pattern. That’s going to keep the pressure on gasoline supplies as people shun mass transit. There’s just not going to be post July 4th relief at the pump that we’re used to seeing. It’s going to be a long, hot summer in terms of what you pay for gasoline.”

As Americans prepare to go apeshit after the Coronapocalypse, I wonder how long before Americans take their frustrations out on their local gas station or decide to send “Sleepy” Joe a message by burning him in effigy. Thankfully for “China” Joe, no one has the money to waste on gas by lighting his likeness up.

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