As a Coach and Physical Educator, this Hands on Knees Revelation is Startling

Written by tRy25

Don’t like that. Noooooope nope don’t like that one bit. I’ve been a “hands over your head” guy since the Bush administration and I have to say, this pill did not go down easy.

We’ve all heard it a thousand times. After our 5th suicide because Jimmy the freshman benchwarmer keeps killing drills or Tommy the Senior captain that only got the “C” because his mom and dad would cause a huge stink if he didn’t continues to slack off, you bend down to catch your breath because you ignored preseason training. Coach roars at you to stand up and not show weakness. “Pain is weakness leaving your body son! Again!” he yells in his 2XL windbreaker, coffee in hand.

So some nerd in a lab says that standing with your hands above your head actually restricts airflow to the lungs. That bending over increases air volume and whatever. Now we’re supposed to about face and destroy a staple in the coach’s handbook?

Uhh, hey JJ, can it bro. Being slouched over like some slug reading a blog on his couch (sorry readers) is as weak as losing in the divisional round every other year. There’s no need to drag the GOAT and Kobe into this. Take a look at these athletes

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Ah yes, the loser’s pose. Hunched over and crippled in defeat. Is that how you want your athletes postured? I’ll give you another sports cliché, “practice like you play”. If it’s up to me, I’m hanging pictures of these winners in the locker room to inspire my players to rise to the challenge and open up those lungs

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What do all these titans have in common? That’s right, they’re champions. The cream of the crop. Individuals in peak physical condition standing at the top of their profession. One glairing similarity is their hands are nowhere near their knees. Hands held high above their head to allow the sweet nectar of victory to flow through their bodies. That’s a winners pose, and I’ll be damned if my athletes stand any other way.

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