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Arrest Warrant Issued For Dallas Cowboys Player Following Car Crash

Written by Tony Ghaul

Dallas Cowboys rookie Sam Williams is the subject of an arrest warrant as a result of his involvement in a car crash that occurred late last year.

TMZ is reporting the Plano Police Department has told them that the player is wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for reckless driving but there is no plan to find and arrest him.

Williams has been contacted to turn himself in, though he will be arrested if spotted by police prior to delivering himself to law enforcement.

Williams was driving his black Corvette when he collided with another vehicle in Plano, Texas around 2:15 PM on December 22. The crash was pretty serious and left lots of debris in the area.

Williams escaped without serious injuries, as did the other driver, but he missed the Cowboys’ game that followed the accident.

Photo courtsey of The Daily Mail

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