This past March, yours truly did a piece on the WARHORSE Jake Parnell as the second installment of Pro Sports Extra’s “Indie Highlight” series; the goal being to get some attention on great independent talents who lost bookings due to COVID 19. As a giant WARHORSE stan who missed out on seeing him take on Shazza McKenzie at Threat Level Midnight due to the outbreak, he was an easy selection.

Shortly thereafter, WARHORSE had to get creative with continuing to build his brand. He opened a Patreon (which, as a subscriber, totally rules ass) and got rather interesting with his merchandise, including handbleaching shirts. He started doing the “Breezehorse” persona, a heavy metal guru elitist who was out of a job due to the pandemic and had to take a job at WHRA soft rock radio station, essentially exchanging Howard era Killswitch Engage for 1980s Richard Marx. Each episode would climax with another Indy wrestler calling to request a song he despises.

Since Cody Rhodes became TNT Champion he said he’d take on any and all comers, thus the latest WARHORSE trend was born: the hashtag “Cody Fears WARHORSE.” Becoming the biggest trend in wrestling, Cody’s ignored it for months, until tonight’s Road To Fight For The Fallen:

So, what makes the WARHORSE a formidable competitor in kayfabe? Well, he is the current IWTV Champion, a championship defend all over the Independents and previously held by current AEW superstars Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander. He is 12 days shy from being the longest reigning champion and has defended it a total of 35 times against over 50 adversaries.

We don’t know when WARHORSE will appear on AEW, but whenever he does, he will rule Cody’s ass.