“Arizona Plan” Remains Likely for Baseball in 2020

Per reports as before, this plan seems as the likely route for ANY Baseball in 2020, but what seems worse is the players already agreed to a reduced pay. The new revision just takes fans out entirely, so since this plan would involve no tickets, no concessions and no parking, the owners are asking for further cuts because of the lack of those revenue streams.

These players would be away from families for 4 months, Which some players like Mike Trout, who would miss the birth of his first kid. That’s not cool, MLB. What’s even worse, its just Hotel and Baseball, no social activity because they would be quarantined and tested. No hanging out and Socializing with teams is involved as well.

Is it still too soon? or do we wait and make the season shorter? Or should there be an asterisk for it being such a short season?

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Tyler Allen