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Arik Armstead Alleges That Lions OL Dan Skipper is Racist?!

Written by Nate

In yesterday’s 39-27 win over the Washington Commanders, the Detroit Lions had an unsung hero on their offensive line in lineman Dan Skipper (who made his first career pro start). Skipper’s monster and penalty-free effort was enough for the team to give him a shout-out to in their locker room celebration.

However, there was one notable player that is not a fan of him or that celebration yesterday.

On his Instagram story, San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead referred to Skipper as a ‘racist’ whom he alleges that he called multiple players the ‘n’ word during games.

Lions fans would find this allegation hard to believe because of a couple reasons.

First off, Skipper made only his first career start at guard, subbing in for Pro Bowler Jonah Jackson. And secondly, if the allegations were true, outlets such as ESPN, NFL Network, and CNN would be all over this story and covering it for hours.

Let’s hope for Skipper and Lions fans’ sake, this allegation does not turn to be true.

**HEADLINE PHOTO COURTESY: Karan (@905kar)/Twitter**

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