Are you ready for Dodge day 420? Strap in it is going to be a wild ride! If you thought this past week was crazy with Doge hitting .40 cents for a little bit and it has fallen at a little back to Earth. With 4/20 coming up this week looks like it is going to be a wild ride.

It will be an exciting week and I certainly can’t wait, and listen I am not one to give financial advice but I would buy the dip because this week has a making of a wild week ahead of us. I love the internet and the power of it let’s go I really believe that this coin might go nuclear this week. It has all the makings of going crazy since this coin was made on the basis of being a joke and 4/20 is a wild holiday it should shoot up too the moon.

I love the Doge army and everything that is involved in it, I don’t care if this a pump and dump scheme or whatever but it sure is fun to be a long for this ride. It really does feel like we are involved in something historic right now as cheesy as that sounds. Again strap in because this rocket ship hasn’t even hit the moon yet. Make sure you are along for this ride because it certainly is and has been a journey.

I really couldn’t believe that Doge would have had the week it had this past week so I can’t even began to imagine what this week will bring with 4/20 approaching. Let’s go! I am here for the ride and the Internet is on my side for sure. Too the moon we go! Let’s ride this wave.

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