Are we Not Going to Talk About how Gronk RISKED HIS LIFE to Win the WWE 24/7 Championship???

Written by iamthunder

In what might be the biggest story at WrestleMania 36, former New England Patriot, and Super Bowl champion, Rob Gronkowski, jumped into a mob of full grown men to win WWE’s 24/7 championship. That’s right, Gronk now holds a belt in the WWE.

Not only did Gronk do a Shane McMahon style jump off of a balcony onto this group of wrestlers, but I would say there was AT LEAST 10 guys in that scrum, which is a BIG no no due to the coronavirus. But that didn’t matter to Gronk. He just said “FUCK COVID-19”, and jumped right in, and took the 24/7 title.

Rob Gronkowski…A true American hero.

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