I’ve come to accept the reality that I’m a pretty fairweather baseball fan. The New York Yankees have devolved from my childhood obsession to a team I really only watch when they’re good or in the playoffs. I was watching religiously when they were on like a 10000 game win streak, but now that they’re losing again my viewing habits have naturally dipped.

So I go to check the standings, and now we’re tied for the last wild card spot! What the hell? Weren’t we like 7 games up or something? Are we really in danger of missing the playoffs? All I know is that Aaron Boone’s ass is right back on the hot seat. YOU CANNOT MISS THE PLAYOFFS WITH THIS TEAM.

The Yankees payroll is bigger than the GDP of some small counties, so the fact that they haven’t run away with the division, let alone the wildcard is inexcusable. I guess I’ll watch these September games to sweat out the rest of the regular season, because the playoffs are pretty uncertain.


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