Are the Yankees Allergic to good pitchers?

Written by Noah Gagnon

MLB Free Agency is in full-swing, and as a Yankees fan, I’m pretty disappointed by our performance. Free Agency is typically a pretty awesome time to be a Yankee fan, as we’re basically in the running for every major free agent that’s ever existed, but for some reason we just hate good pitchers and its enraging.

So far we’ve been linked to Corey Seager, Carlos Correa, Matt Olson, and a bunch of other guys that don’t pitch baseballs. Meanwhile, we’re just letting studs like Noah Syndergaard and Justin Verlander walk, as we continue to have a complete dogshit pitching rotation.

This happens every single year and every single trade deadline. We could’ve gone after Max Scherzer this year, but instead, we got that asshole, Joey Gallo.

Does anyone really trust Gerrit Cole as the ace? I hate to overreact but without spider tac the guys a freaking bum. How many times have we Yankee fans just sat and watched the guy’s stupid face as he waits for an opposing batter to trot around the basepath after giving up yet another home run. This team needs pitching, not a freaking shortstop.

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