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Are The Detroit Pistons The Worst Team In The NBA? Becoming Unwatchable Because Of Dwane Casey

Written by TrevStone

Growing up in Michigan I quickly became a fan of the Detroit Pistons. At that time that I fell in love with basketball Detroit had Big Ben, Chauncey Billups, Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, Sheed, and a solid all around team. A team that was going to show up each and every night.

Now? Detroit is terrible. I personally believe it starts at head coach Dwane Casey who should be fired by now. Detroit has a very young roster and they have a coach that is old as dirt. Even if you are to look at the NBA picks at Betway you’ll be impressed with how bad they actually are.

Is Detroit tanking?

I don’t even want to think about it. Because I don’t think they are. I watch every night and it seems like the young guns on the team show up but they can never fully get the job done.

Yeah, they might be able to get Victor Wembanyama, but can I be real? You know how many draft picks the Pistons have had over the last like five years where they’re supposed to be a star? And then three years later they are in another uniform?

Where is Sekou Doumbouya? Remember him? Detroit thought they had a star in him. He didn’t last but a couple of years and now is in the G-League.

Detroit has a few young stars but when your best player in Cade Cunningham is constantly hurt – it surely doesn’t help. Detroit is constantly bringing in more young guns, like they just signed R.J Hampton, but for some reason decided to keep the oldest and slowest guys on the team in Bojan Bogdanović which makes no sense seeing he’s the one player that has upside for other teams.

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