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Are The Bears And Packers Even A Rivalry Anymore?

Written by mrbillylocks

Sunday Night Football resulted in a rout this week with the Green Bay Packers embarrassing the Chicago Bears. Somehow, the 41-25 score makes it look a lot closer than it really was.

The Packers came out to a 27-3 lead in the second quarter, with the Bears scoring late before half to make it 27-10. The Packers then came out hot in the third running the score up to 41-10. This was straight up embarrassing for the Bears against their “rival.”

Which begs the question, how long does this have to go on to keep considering this a “rivalry?” Ofcourse, with Chicago and Green Bay being so close to each other and families and friends having allegiances to opposite sides, it’s always going to be a game that is circled on the map. But this is slowly turning away from the fierce rivalry it once was.

Long ago, the Chicago Bears led the head to head matchup against the Packers 81-57. The Packers STILL got to 100 wins first. Talk about blowing a 3-1 lead or a 28-3 lead, the Bears have gone 15-43 against the Packers since 1992!

Imagine how intense the rivalry would be right now if the Bears hadn’t passed on Mahomes or Watson. Seeing that matchup twice a year would do NUMBERS. Unfortunately for Bears fans and even all NFL fans, the Bears front office is a joke.

Maybe Week 17 against the Packers backups will fare better for the Bears… Maybe. For the sake of Bears Twitter guy, I hope so.

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