Are Matt Damon And Theo Von Twins? #TheLastDuel @TheoVon

I’m sure almost every football fan has seen the trailer for the movie called, “The Last Duel” which looks to be set in some sort of Game of Thrones type of scenery that just keeps being recycled due to America’s lack of originality. However, that wasn’t originally caught these two eyes. While casually watching the trailer there were multiple instances where I SWEAR TO SHIT that I saw everyone’s 2nd Cousin, Theo Von.

While I rose to my feet in excitement I was quickly let down after going to IBM and seeing that the face that got me excited was actually the fat faced Matt Damon…. Quite the let down if you ask me. Could you imagine the absolute bonkers ass english accent that Von would’ve put on? ELECTRIC!!!!!!!

This finding started to make me wonder, are Matt Damon and Theo Von actually related? Now, to the simple virgin eyes of most of you plebs you probably think I’m an idiot. Well think again people.

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Look at this picture and tell me this isn’t the baddest sumbitch West of the Mississippi River. I just don’t see how this can’t be Theo. In all honesty I think instead of it being Matt Damon in a Theo Von style wig, I choose to believe this is actually Theo wearing makeup to make him look like MAtt Damon.

Just think about it, would “Big Hollywood” have an easier time selling a crappy movie with Matt Damon at the helm, or Theo Von. The choice would obviously roll with Damon, this is why I believe they are quite literally pulling the wig in front of our eyes. After this astonishing “Galaxy Brain” by me I can only choose not to ever watch a massively produced movie in my life until I see Theo in the big screen. I will not go quietly into the night while our Creole Prince is being forced to hide behind his beautiful Kentucky Waterfall (his mullet).

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