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Arcade Classic Final Fight Gets Three Player Support, and Fighting Friends Will Appreciate It

Remember the beat-em-up classic Final Fight? Sure you do! Capcom’s old-school brawler had you defending Metro City from a dangerous gang, who had taken the Mayor’s daughter hostage in the hopes of stopping his momentum. Alas, they only ticked him off, having him send thugs flying to the ground with jumping piledrivers.

Well, thanks to a pair of hackers, the game has entered an interesting new phase, as you can now add a third player to the mix. Originally, Final Fight was introduced with two player support, letting you choose between Haggar (the Mayor), Guy and Cody. But with this hack, all three characters can enter the fray, with players taking control of them.

You can see this hack in the video above, and it really shows just how well it’s come together. True, the screen can get overloaded with thugs and make things hard to see at times. But the pure bliss of taking down Mad Gear with a team is phenomenal. Now if we can just get this introduced to the full game.

The ROM hack can be found hereif you’re feeling savvy enough to add it on. Furthermore, the team also provided the following note with its release:

“After a month of development and a ton of reverse engineering, Rotwang and I would like to announce Final Fight 30thAnniversary Edition!

“This modification finally brings three player to the greatest beat em up of all time. Designed from the ground up to work on real CPS1 hardware, this modification will be a cut above the rest.”

“So far most game systems have been modified to support three player, health bars, ai, weapons, scene transitions, hit detection, input, etc.  The game is already fully playable from start to finish, however there is still some enemy ai/bug fixes/clean up to be done.

“We are working hard to make this modification a perfect enhancement to a classic game.”

Of course, it’s not official since Capcom doesn’t really endorse it, but it’s still well worth trying out. Now get to fightin’!

If you’re not savvy for hacking an old ROM, you can also find Final Fight as part of the Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle, which is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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