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Apple Unveiled New Set of Emojis, Which Included a Row of Pregnant Men in It

On a tweet by Twitter user SayCheese, Apple launched 123 new emojis that are going to be on our iPhones and other IOS 15 technologies soon.

Such emojis that are likely to be used frequently include the melting smiling face, the saluting one, one in which both eyes are covered, the row of handshakes, and the Hobbit one.

However, a few emojis gotten some backlash from fellow users as a row of pregnant men has received negative criticism and backlash on their quote tweets from most users.

Down below are a few of those negative reaction tweets from the pregnant men emojis. 2019 NFL MVP and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of those who questioned the emojis in his tweet.

It possibly is understandable that Apple is trying to appease and appeal towards the LGBT+ community with the new emojis, but the pregnant ones are a bit too questionable for many users to use.

Even though the rest of emojis are all okay, those ones are just a huge no. Sorry, it’s just our opinion.

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