Apparently House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Thinks Green Eggs and Ham Is One of The Six Dr. Seuss Books Not Being Published Anymore

Written by schultzyca

You can’t fix stupid. I hope this was a bit or a schtick I really do because you cannot be this tone-deaf and dumb. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy read Green Eggs and Ham on his Twitter, does he think this is one of the six books not being published by Dr. Seuss’s estate anymore?

I mean a simply google search could of informed him which books are not being published anymore? This is why I am hoping this is a bit because if it is not this is a bad look, like really bad.

No one is cancelling Dr. Seuss his estate is acknowledging the fact that six of his books are in bad taste and have underlying racist qualities so they are doing what they can to correct that.

They are not taking away from the hundreds of other great pieces that he wrote. I just do not understand peoples obsession with them removing six books by the doctor why would they let this ruin their day? Twitter has been relentless in clowning Kevin McCarthy.

Big yikes if this is not a bit, he needs to come out and say he is doing a goof because he looks uninformed which is a bad look.

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