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Antonio Brown vs. Logan Paul? Mega Fight Coming!!

Written by JohnnyB

Logan Paul was recently featured on an episode of KFC Radio and he decided to call out Antonio Brown in the ring!!

As everyone know Paul likes to talk shit and with hype man KFC egging him on the direct quote from Paul was “Antonio Brown, I wanna Fuck You Up”. Paul goes on to say that AB runs his mouth and has a big enough name to draw interest in a big fight.

It just so happens that the company KFC is apart of Barstool Sports owns a boxing promo, Rough N Rowdy.

Will this happen? We sure hope so!! Rough and Rowdy Miami is coming up before the Super Bowl.

Browns from South Florida and it would make sense to tie it into an event around the Super Bowl. It’s a win for Paul, Brown, and Barstool if this happens.

AB just responded:

Although it’s very unlikely for them to fight during Super Bowl weekend seeing it’s in just a couple weeks… We could definitely see them locking up a deal in a couple of months and having it in a huge venue.

But.. it could happen soon!

Share this and get this viral and maybe somehow these two will throw hands at Rough and Rowdy in Miami during Super Bowl weekend.

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