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Antonio Brown Should Be Indefinitely Suspended From The NFL For Starting The “Call God” Movement!

Simply put, Pittsburgh Steelers fans are the worst. Not only that, their city sucks. A city that sucks so much everyone leaves it but still roots for the local Pittsburgh teams. That’s the worst part. They all leave Pittsburgh, which means the rest of the world has to deal with the fanbase all over the country.

What sucks the most about Steelers fans is that they have a reason to be obnoxious in their own way that only a Pittsburgh fan can be. Historically speaking, the Steelers are one of the greatest NFL franchises of all time. They are a consistent contender in the playoffs. Rarely do they have a losing season. So for us anti-Pittsburgh fans, it’s hard to discredit their actions. But there is one thing for certain the Steelers did wrong.

They enabled this sack of crap.

Yes, I can confidently say that Antonio Brown is a sack of crap. Not only did the Steelers enable his erratic behavior, but they allowed it to spiral completely out of control. I won’t even get into the details of Brown’s behavior shortly before he left the team. But ultimately, he wound up getting picked up by the New England Patriots. From there, he started the worst possible catch phrase of all time.

“Call God.”

When making a social media post about his life, such as his daily struggles in life, Brown likes to use the hashtag #CallGod frequently. You will also see him raise his hand to his head mimicking a telephone as if he was actually making a phone call to God when he does something positive on the football field.

However, many people do not quite understand why he began “Calling God.” My assumption is that he was calling because at the time he was in the middle of sexual assault allegations among other lawsuits and was begging that he be spared. You know, because he’s a sack of crap. The truth is, Brown can “Call God” all he wants but God is simply going to tell him that him he is an asshole and everything that his happened to him in recent years is self inflicted.

Let’s get back to the Steelers fanbase for a minute. Sure, we all have a lot of reasons to hate them. But what’s been more annoying than anything else, is the fact that they still love Antonio Brown and support him endlessly.

Exhibit A:

This right here is the very definition of an ass clown.

This is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. A stereotypical one. Be honest, you want to punch him in the face. I know I do. Here he is, doing what you see Steelers fans do on national TV every single week now thanks to Antonio Brown turning them into sycophants.

Go ahead, I’ll wait for you Steelers fans to look that word up on Google…….

Watch as the camera pans to the crowd during a Steelers game and I guarantee you will see some jackass metaphorically “Calling God.” These people for some reason still love Antonio Brown to the point that two years later they are still regularly “Calling God” whether it be in support of him or to simply annoy others around them. This “Call God” movement has gone on long enough and it absolutely needs to stop.

The only way to stop the madness is to ban Antonio Brown indefinitely from the NFL for just flat out being a dumbass. They don’t need a real good reason why. Just get rid of him. The fact that he even has a Super Bowl ring is bothersome. The man has more than one screw loose and his his stupidity has rubbed off on millions of NFL fans.

Honestly, I hope when these fans “Call God” he actually picks up on the other end and tells them they’re going to hell. They can join Antonio Brown when he inevitably ends up there.

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