Antonio Brown Says Kaepernick Needs To “Fuck Outta Here” Regarding NFL Comeback & Says He Don’t Really Want To Play

Free agent Wide receiver Antonio Brown, aka MR. BIG CHEST did a recent interview on Cigar Talk and went off of former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick calling him trash and telling him he needs to get the fuck outta here in regards to the former QB making a return to the NFL.

Kaepernick hasn’t played a down since 2016 and is now 34 years old and yet he is still supposedly trying to make an NFL roster. “We don’t feel sorry for you, you took the deal,” AB said in regards to Kaepernick’s collusion lawsuit in 2019 against the NFL.

AB also stated that Kaepernick don’t really wanna play and that he was trash. Kinda funny coming from a guy who stripped down and paraded off the field during a game and quit on the Tampa Bay Bucs, but AB could be in the right here. Kaepernick was an average QB at best in his prime and those days have long passed and he’s now 34.

Say what you want about AB but the guy knows how to bring the entertainment.

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