Antonio Brown Posts TikTok With Kanye West

Written by Noah Gagnon

The Antonio Brown Super Gremlin Tour continued yesterday on TikTok, when he posted a video getting haircuts with Kanye West. Brown has been on an absolute tear since he quit the Buccaneers in the middle of the game over a week ago, as he’s been dropping music videos, sitting courtside at Nets games, and now he’s hanging with Kanye. Here’s the TikTok.

What could these two possibly be doing together? Personally, I’m praying its a song collab. Trust tree: I didn’t hate AB’s song. Didn’t hate it one bit. If you haven’t treated yourself to ‘Pit Not The Palace,’ I suggest you do so quickly. It’s really not bad. Definitely better than anything Le’Veon Bell’s ever put out that’s for sure.

So, if AB takes his natural talent and combines it with Kanye’s musical genius, I think we could be in for something really special. Does Kanye need AB to reinvigorate his career? I’m not saying he does, but he might.

If there’s any duo that needs to start a podcast man… it’s these two. Spotify gave Joe Rogan $100 million, I think they’d give AB and Kanye a billion to do one. Imagine just the complete blasphemy that would be spewed on that show. They’d be chopping it up about aliens one second, in a full-blown altercation, and then by the end of the episode they’d reach some sort of beautiful musical harmony and be friends again. It would be a must-listen.

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