Antonio Brown is Sitting Courtside at the Nets Game right now

Written by Noah Gagnon

Antonio Brown truly is the gift that keeps on giving. In the last 24 hours he’s quit the Bucs in the middle of a game, Ubered home from the stadium, blamed it all on being a “super gremlin,” and now he’s sitting courtside at the Nets. Typically after such an unbelievable outburst you kinda lay low for a bit, but AB is everywhere, man.

Sidenote: Of all the people you wouldn’t expect to wear a mask, am I right?

But let’s be real, can you blame him for catching a Nets game? I mean, they are a must see team, and it’s not like he has to be at work tomorrow, so why not stay in town a little longer and watch some hoops? You can either sit at home and let the entire world hate you, or you watch Kevin Durant and James Harden play basketball. Easy choice to me.

Now, if you’re KD and you see AB courtside what do you do? Do you hit him with a dap up? I feel like you gotta just pretend you don’t see that guy because the second you engage in any sort of interaction YOU ARE VIRAL. Maybe you just slip him your therapist’s business card and keep it moving.

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