Antonio Brown Is Officially A Buccaneer

Written by Will

The Buccaneers have a top defense paired with a high powered offense. The Buccaneers have the highest point differential in the NFL, with plus-80. After putting up 45 on Sunday, this offense just got even better. Brown is officially a Buc. There are no secrets regarding Brown’s off the field struggles. Brown has already caused problems for three other teams. Brown is currently suspended by the NFL but is eligible to come back after week eight. He was suspended for violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, in January when Brown attacked a driver of a moving company truck. I’m not kidding, that happened.

Yeah, pretty wild. For as much trouble Brown has caused off the field when playing there isn’t anyone much better. From 2013-2018 Brown racked up more receiving yards than anyone else. Plus 67 touchdowns during that span. If the Bucs can keep Brown’s off the field antics under control, then this offensive is going to be scary.

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