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Antonio Brown Has Officially Lost His Whole Mind #PitNotThePalace

Written by austenlange

We can all agree that Antonio Brown is one of the greatest players to ever lace them up. However, he very well might be the absolute craziest.

After his WILD weekend in New York it appears that the WR has officially been released from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This isn’t really news, we all deep down inside knew this would happen. However, I cannot fathom what the heck is going through AB’s mind right now.

You ever want to see a man fully lose his grip on reality? Look not further than Antonio Brown’s social media….. It’s is just absurd that a grown ass man who bangs his head around for a living received this screen grab and said, “YES. THIS IS THE ONE”. Brown is a known cancer and really loves to go out from the teams he’s on with a FUCKING BANG.

From making a weird ass graphics of Home Alone 2 and just airing out your coach on the internet is just very, very, very fucking weird.

I hope the “Super Gremlin” is happy without a job. WE all know AB hates paying people. Look to his issues with his ex-chef who aired out his fake Vaccination Card.

Everyone is saying we should all try and help AB, but it seems like he doesn’t even want to help himself at times. I really do hope Antonio Brown figures it out because on the field he is a problem, however his off the field problems have started to outweigh the other things.

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