Antonio Brown Farts in his Doctors Face (Video)

Written by Noah Gagnon

Well this is hilarious. In case you thought you couldn’t love Antonio Brown any more, it turns out you actually can. He had some sort of Doctors appointment today, but he just spent it farting on the guy. Check it out.

A lot of people online are getting offended and about this, and honestly, they’ve really gotta toughen up. This is just a man being a dude right here. Rippin ass. Is that not always funny? Of course, it’s always funny. Farts are hilarious, they just are. I don’t care if you’re an infant, or an elderly gentleman, you hear a video of a man flatulating, and you give it a freaking chuckle.

My favorite part is AB laughing through the apology. “Sorry Doc,” he says while clearly not being the slightest bit sorry. Why should he be? Again, THAT WAS HILARIOUS. It’s just such a relatable moment because here’s this multi-million dollar professional athlete, and even he can’t hold back the urge to giggle after cutting a gasser in the doctors office.

When I was nine years old I let one slip at the orthodontists and you know what I did? I lost my mind with laughter. So I guess I’m just like Antonio Brown, if that’s even a good thing…

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