Antonio Brown Cucks Desean Jackson, Posts Pics Of Him In Bed With His Girlfriend Over $5k

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Antonio Brown is on 10! He posted a picture of him in bed with Desean Jackson’s girlfriend along with his song “Pit Not The Palace”. People are going at his throat calling him weird for posting that and that it was too far. I don’t know where these people have been the last four months or so, Antonio Brown has been in gremlin mode for a while now. Exposing a girl for money owed to him is just about the most normal thing he’s done in years. Dude quit his day job and has just been doing him ever since. 

Said girl, Cydney Chrsitine, owes Brown 5k dollars. She was warned if she didn’t pay up this would happen. She’s been sleeping with Brown, she must know the guy doesn’t play games, he walks out on them. This is a tough look for Desean, he apparently can’t keep a job or a girl. It is the week of the cuckolds with the Will Smith situation and now this. Desean Jackson truly is always hurt because his heart must be shattered.

Cydney was fucked, warned, and exposed. Antonio Brown with a common W.

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