Antonio Brown was banned from Snapchat this week after sharing banned content against the wishes of his ex, Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of his children.

On Tuesday, a representative from Snapchat told media outlets his account was banned and the incident was under investigation.

Antonio Brown responded to the news by releasing a series of nonsensical tweets and then dropping a new song titled ‘I Do What I Want’ like Eric Cartman.

Today, Antonio Brown is now going with the oldest excuse in the social media playbook. He’s claiming that his Snapchat account got hacked:

My snap chat page has been HackedWorking with @snapchatsupport to get this fix asap.

Brown claims his account was hacked and that was the reason explicit and private content was shared to millions of followers.

I don’t believe his account was hacked. Antonio Brown is out of control. His behavior continues to get more bizarre.

Photo courtsey of The Comeback


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