Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown’s life continues to be a complete mess.

This week, Brown’s team, the Albany Empire, was kicked out of the National Arena League. Brown, who is the owner, failed to make mandatory operating payments to the league and pay a fine for conduct detrimental to the league.

Brown took to social media to attempt to tell his side of the story.

“Arena players rats snitching on da owner,” Brown said on Twitter. The screenshot appeared to show one of his players in contact with another person who alleges that Antonio Brown has been in some sort of contact with his partner.

It’s really not clear what Brown means by this post. It’s just another of several incidents that he’s been involved in over the last few years.

Brown’s brief tenure as owner of the National Arena League’s Albany Empire was a complete disaster.

Several stories of neglect, ranging from players and coaches not being paid to incidents between players not being addressed, all led back to Brown.

The team had been extremely successful before his involvement, winning back-to-back NAL titles in 2021 and 2022.

Antonio Brown life continues to take a downward spiral. His behavior and actions indicate that he needs help.

Photo courtsey of TMZ Sports


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