Antonio Brown – Back Again! (well not really)

Written by Matt

Antonio Brown, AB, Clowntonio Brown, whatever you want to call him, is back in the headlines again. He was just recently placed a 3 game suspension for his recent rule breaking of the NFL-NFLPA Covid-19 protocols.

This dude is addicted to getting into trouble. A real life Dennis the Menace. I mean just check out this rap sheet:

But man is a freaking stud when he plays. He’s a real life game changer. He’s averaging 83 yards and has 4 touchdowns in the 5 games he’s played this season. But he’s more than those stats when you watch him play, he’s Tom’s go to when he needs to get bailed out or needs a big 3rd conversion.

Just goes to show you kids – you can grow up and be successful while being a piece of shit if you are really, really good at what you do. So, if you’re gonna be an ass, at least be a productive one.

Bucs DB Mike Edwards was also suspended so let’s assume this is also AB’s fault for being a bad influence on his teammates.

UPDATE: AB really did fake his vaccination card. The chef was right.

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