Ever since star wide receiver Antonio Brown only wanted to play with his preferred quarterback Tom Brady, the connection between the two has been spectacular. Even as a third option on the Buccaneers, Brown was able have 45 catches on the season for 483 yards and four touchdowns and still catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl, In which they went on to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. The plan from the beginning of free agency for the Buccaneers was to bring all the same players back to make another run. It’s being reported by Mark Garafolo that they two aren’t close to a contract in terms of money.

“They want to bring him back, the Bucs do, just at a different number than he has in mind right now,” Mike Garafolo said on the NFL Network.

Multiple teams will be interested in Antonio Brown’s services, plenty of teams need a former all-pro wide receiver option. Leonard Fournette talked openly about how much Browns presence means to him and the rest of the team in the locker room. Most people should assume he’ll eventually return to Tampa Bay to compete for another Super Bowl, but you never know.


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