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Antoine Dodson, the ‘Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife’ Guy, Has Really Changed

Written by Nate

Remember Antoine Dodson? That one guy that became a living meme after the ‘you’re so dumb! You’re really dumb, for real!’ rant and told people to ‘hide yo kids, hide yo wife’ in the same interview?

Well, flash forward to ten years later in 2020, and you will see that he has-changed-to say it the best.

Dodson was seen on a video posted by the Barstool News Network where he was promoting something in an advertisement for Hyde Homes in Alabama as a realtor.

Dodson can also be seen in a different video promoting another advertisement at around the holiday season a couple years ago.

Pretty crazy how this guy went from being (and still is) known as a human GIF or meme into someone successful in a over ten year span.

Hope Dodson is doing well now after all the events that happened with the home invasion and his family, good luck to Dodson as being part in the real estate industry now.

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