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Anthony Rizzo Shows Freddie Freeman Who The Face of The National League Is

Written by austenlange

Last night, the moment of the season may have just happened. While being blown out by the Atlanta Braves the Chicago Cubs made the decision to insert Anthony Rizzo onto the mound. Rizzo then was able to face his friend Freddie Freeman.

This is the kind of stuff we need in baseball. Guys just going out and making the best out of a situation. Everyone knows these 2 as great personalities for the sport and I really enjoy that they made this a moment we can all enjoy together. Rizzo and Freeman are the faces of the National League and it was nice to finally see who had the biggest c*ck between the two of them. Rizzo blew this ball right on passed Freeman giving everyone a clear and concise direction who the biggest swinging dick in the NL is.

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